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PCS Wireless - Press Coverage & Stock Trading Data
US Government auction of wireless spectrum drove international media interest and stock trading frenzy


During its relatively short time basking in the media spotlight (basically the spring and summer of 1995), PCS Wireless was a closely followed story because it played a pivotal role in the early rollout of the US 2GHz cellular phone networks around the time of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wireless spectrum auctions in the spring of 1995.

PCS Wireless also helped put a Vancouver based TSX Venture Exchange listed junior issuer on the map, both with the Toronto Bay Street press and largest institutional investors there, as well as with major players on Wall St in New York and San Francisco - and in the process PCS Wireless was credited with revitalizing the venture exchange during a period when the junior markets were in a funk. At its peak, PCS Wireless traded almost 10 million shares a day and counted Fidelity Investments (, Putnam Investments (, and Altamira ( as its largest shareholders.

The trading behavior of the PCS Wireless stock also made instant millionaires out of a number of the executives and investors who held sizable positions in the company.


Here are is a short list of press clipping from that era:

CED Magazine - May 1, 1996
"MSOs search for role in PCS delivery"

Globe and Mail - March 16, 1995
"Soaring PCS Stock Dazzles Howe Street"

Financial Post - March 16, 1995
"PCS Wireless Stock Continues Skyward"

Financial Post - March 25, 1996
"Hot Stock - A Sudden Surge in PCS Wireless"

Financial Post - April 19, 1995
"PCS Wireless Stock Watch"

Dow Jones Canada - May 5, 1995
"PCS Wireless Set to Ride Wave of US PCS Network Rollout"

Globe and Mail - July 1995
"Selloff Hits PCS Wireless Shares"

Globe and Mail - August 1995
"Stars & Dogs - PCS Wireless"

Financial Post - December 1995
"Accord with ADC Boosts PCS Wireless"

EE Times - January 1996
"ADC Telecom Links with PCS Wireless"

CED Magazine - May 1996
"MSOs Search for a Role in PCS Delivery"


And here is the PCS Wireless stock trading info for that period:




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