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Intrinsyc Software - Press Coverage
Local, national, US and international exposure while I was involved with the company from 1996 until 2008

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Quotes from wireless industry insiders

Dominique Bonte, ABI Research:

"Intrinsyc's Soleus consumer handheld device software platform based on Windows CE allows vendors to reduce development cycles of connected navigation solutions to less than six months. With seven product development wins, Intrinsyc is quickly becoming an important player in the handset and connected PND navigation market."

John Jackson, Yankee Group:

"Soaring R&D costs in the mobile device space are driving demand for platform solutions that offer rapid, low cost feature customization for OEMs and ODMs," explained John Jackson, senior analyst with Yankee Group. "A solution like Soleus from Intrinsyc Software aims squarely at manufacturers' need for a platform that lets them customize user interfaces for wireless operators and end-users while adding applications quickly and cost-effectively."

Iain Gillott, iGR Inc.:

"Most wireless operators have very specific requirements when it comes to the design, and look and feel of mobile handsets for their networks," said Iain Gillott, president of iGR, a marketing consultancy focused on the wireless and mobile industry. "To meet operators' specifications, the OEMs and ODMs are continually looking for solutions that will help them reduce costs and increase margins. The Soleus platform by Intrinsyc potentially provides them another tool in this endeavor and it will be interesting to see the impact it will have on the feature phone market."

David Kerr, Strategy Analytics:

"Handset vendors seeking to leverage high volume opportunities in the middle market for feature phones need a high-level OS such as Soleus – especially as the processors for this category of mobile phones continues to change," said David Kerr, vice president of the global wireless practice at Strategy Analytics. "With Soleus, a mobile platform based on Windows CE, Intrinsyc is providing another viable alternative to Symbian and Linux."

Michael Carroll, Informa's 'Mobile Handset Analyst':

"The first licensing agreement of the Windows CE-based Soleus product, highlights vendors ongoing interest in high-level OS platforms," says Michael Carroll, an editor at research firm Informa Telecoms & Media. "While the established manufacturers have focused on a platform-based approach for some years, the deal with TBD shows smaller vendors are also starting to realize the benefits platforms offer in terms of reduced time to market and production costs."

J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., MobileTrax:

"As feature phones become increasingly complicated with an array of new applications, handset manufacturers are looking for a way to quickly and economically develop phones," explained J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., principal analyst with MobileTrax. "A development platform, such as Soleus, allows manufacturers to incorporate varying features and user interface designs, enabling manufacturers to reduce development costs and exposure to risk."

David Linsalata, IDC, Mobile Markets:

"Faster time to market in the wireless world is absolutely essential," explains David Linsalata, research analyst with IDC. "At the same time, wireless players desire the ability to easily and flexibly customize their offerings. Solutions that offer a combination of these abilities are well positioned for success in the years to come."

Miro Kazakoff, Compete Inc.:

"As consumers interact with software and advanced functionality on their handset devices, they are becoming more aware of the Operating System," said Miro Kazakoff of Compete Inc. "The demand for more cell phone features, better functionality and increased personalization drives the need for more flexible OS solutions."

Neil Strother, NPD Group:

"Consumers are about to see more personalized feature phones on the market with entertainment capabilities like music and TV than they've seen before," said Neil Strother, research director for mobile devices at The NPD Group. "These integrated handsets could benefit from a software platform like Soleus that offers affordable customization options for OEMs, allows carriers a way to differentiate with a custom UI, and comes with a high-level OS on board."




Windows For Devices, September 24, 2008
"Intrinsyc Spins Soleus Upgrades"

Windows For Devices, July 16, 2008
"Windows CE Stack Gains Digital Maps, Targets PNDs"

Windows For Devices, June 27, 2008
"Intrinsyc Revs Windows CE Based Software Platform"

Windows For Devices, June 12, 2008
"First Soleus Based PND Set To Ship"

Windows For Devices, June 4, 2008
"Microsoft Announces Windows Embedded Partner Awards"

Windows For Devices, May 20, 2008
"Intrinsyc Scoops Up GPS Software Tech"

Windows For Devices, March 25, 2008
"Soleus Tapped For Next Generation PND"

Windows For Devices, February 13, 2008
"CE Based Phone Stack Supports Touchscreens, 3G"

Windows For Devices, January 30, 2008
"Samsung To Bundle Soleus With Apps Processor"

Windows For Devices, January 8, 2008
"Intrinsyc: Mobo Vendor Spins Windows Phone"



Windows For Devices, December 10, 2007
"Intrinsyc: Alternative Windows Phone Stack to Support Vector Graphics"

Windows For Devices, November 15, 2007
"Intrinsyc: Windows CE Phone Platform Picked for HSDPA Device"

Windows For Devices, November 12, 2007
"Intrinsyc Tapped for VoIP Phone BSP Design"

Windows For Devices, October 12, 2007
"Intrinsyc: Windows CE Phone Platform Gets a Boost"

Windows For Devices, October 5, 2007
"Intrinsyc: Ex-Qualcomm Executive to Head Soleus Efforts"

Windows For Devices, July 13, 2007
"Feature Phone OS Drives Revenue for Intrinsyc"

Windows For Devices, June 8, 2007
"Intrinsyc: Windows CE Targets GPS/MDTV/Phone Device"

Windows For Devices, May 29, 2007
"Intrinsyc: Feature Phone Platform Steps up to Window CE 6.0"

Windows For Devices, May 9, 2007
"Intrinsyc: Major GPS Vendor Licensing Window CE Phone Platform"

Windows For Devices, February 21, 2007
"Intrinsyc: Windows CE Feature Phone Gets Event Driven Functions"

Windows For Devices, February 13, 2007
"Intrinsyc: Windows CE Feature Phone Adds Monahans, i.MX31"

Windows For Devices, February 12, 2007
"Intrinsyc: Windows CE Feature Phone Platform Gains New Partners"

Windows For Devices, February 8, 2007
"Intrinsyc: WiFi Smart Remote Runs Windows CE"

Windows For Devices, January 30, 2007
"Intrinsyc: PXA270 Reference Design Gains Windows CE 6.0 Support"

Windows For Devices, January 16, 2007
"Windows CE Feature Phone OS Pops Up at CES"



Windows For Devices, December 22, 2006
"Intrinsyc: Windows CE Feature Phone OS Reaches Production Release"

Windows For Devices, August 2, 2006
"Intrinsyc: Windows CE Feature Phone Platform Wins Award"

Linux Devices, July 2006
"Intrinsyc's PXA270 Reference Design Runs Linux"

Windows For Devices, April 17, 2006
"RIP Gizmondo Gaming Gadget"

The Vancouver Sun, March 2006
"Intrinsyc Sells 24M in Shares"

Decima's Report on Wireless, February 23, 2006
"Intrinsyc Unveils Handset Development Platform at 3GSM in Spain"

Computer World, February 15, 2006
"Mobile Operating Systems Vie For Position"

Windows For Devices, February 13, 2006
"Intrinsyc: Windows CE Gets ARM Power Management Support"

ABC News, February 13, 2006
"Will Microsoft Squish Blackberry with Direct Push?"

ABC News, February 10, 2006
"Cheap Phones to Get Windows - Intrinsyc's new Soleus Operating System Will Bring Smart Phone Like Power to Affordable Cellular Handsets"

The Globe & Mail, February 2006
"Intrinsyc Offers Mobile Phones With More Functionality"



Linux Devices, December 2005
"Intrinsyc's CerfBoard Catches the Bulverde Wave"


CF Review, Fall 2005
"Intrinsyc Dialing Up Next Gen Phone Suite"






Windows For Devices, July 11, 2005
"Intrinsyc Bolsters Windows CE Feature Phone Efforts"


Business in Vancouver, April 5, 2005
"Intrinsic Enterprise"








The Globe & Mail, February 15, 2005
"Intrinsyc Previews Mobile Technology"

The Vancouver Sun, February 2005
"Intrinsyc Aims to Cut Cellphone Costs"

Windows For Devices, February 14, 2005
"Intrinsyc Touts Gizmondo Project Success"

Windows For Devices, February 11, 2005
"Intrinsyc Debuts Feature Phone Extensions For Windows CE"

Business in Vancouver, January 11, 2005
"Top Performing BC Stocks: Intrinsyc at the #1 Position"



Windows For Devices, April 13, 2004
"Intrinsyc Software: Reference Platform Targets PXA270 Based Handheld Designs"

Windows For Devices, February 2, 2004
"Device Management Suite Supports Building Automation Application"



The Vancouver Sun, December 2003
"The Tricky Business of Software"







Vancouver Sun, 2003
"Intrinsyc Software Named to the Top 100 Companies List"



The Vancouver Sun, December 2002
"Intrinsyc Software: Its The Ultimate PDA"

Linux Devices, September 2003
"Using an Embedded Server to Remotely Fly a Model Airplane"

Business in Vancouver, September 3, 2002
"Intrinsyc Software Named to #1 spot on the Top 100 BC Companies List"

BCSC Capital Ideas, June 2002
"Derek Spratt, Chairman, Intrinsyc Software - Keynote Speaker"

National Post/100 Profit Magazine, June 2002
"Intrinsyc Software Named as the #4 Fastest Growing Company in Canada"


Silicon Valley North, April 2002
"Offline: Derek Spratt"








The Vancouver Sun, April 23, 2002
"Intrinsyc Finds Gem in United Kingdom: Vancouver Firm Acquires NMI For Cash and Shares"



The Globe & Mail, October 2001
"Market Movers - Intrinsyc Software, $2.94, up $0.19"


Business in Vancouver, September 2001
"Peak Performers - BC's Fastest Growing Companies"








Canadian Business, September 2001
"The Ghosts in the Machines"

National Post/100 Profit Magazine, June 2001
"Intrinsyc Software as the #27 Fastest Growing Company in Canada"

Linux Devices, June 2001
"The Onward March of Embedded Linux"


Control Solutions, April 2001
"Leveraging Microsoft .NET and Sun ONE technologies in control system designs - by Derek Spratt"







Business in Vancouver, January, 2001
"Intrinsyc Buys Software Firm, Reports Sales Growth"



Business in Vancouver, December 2000
"Derek Spratt, Chairman & CEO, Intrinsyc Software, 40 under 40 Outstanding Achievement Award"





BC Business, December 2000
"Digital Brilliance"








BC Business, November 2000
"The Tech 100 List of Companies"

The National Post Business Magazine, October 2000
"The Canadian Technology Fast 50"

The Vancouver Sun, September 2000
"BC Again Tops Fast 50 Tech Firm List"

Stockhouse, September 19, 2000
"Embedded Software: Intrinsyc Lands Major Contracts, Execution Key"

Silicon Valley North, September 2000
"Intrinsyc Software: Ford and Beyond"

The Vancouver Sun, August 23, 2000
"Intrinsyc Software Follows Ford Pact With Siemens Deal"

The Province, August 23, 2000
"Intrinsyc: Siemens Link Huge Advance"

The Vancouver Sun, August 17, 2000
"Veterans Sill the Boss at High Tech Firms"

EE Times, July 31, 2000
"Applying PC Lessons to Embedded - by Derek Spratt"

Vancouver Courier, July 19, 2000
"Survival of the Smartest"

The Vancouver Sun, April 26, 2000
"e Profile: Intrinsyc Software"

The Vancouver Sun, April 19, 2000
"Partners Launch New Handheld PC Today"

The Province, April 19, 2000
"Microsoft Hopes to be 3rd Time Lucky"

The Vancouver Sun, April 2000
"Intrinsyc on a Roll"


Canadian Business, April 2000
"The Race to Connect Everything"








The National Post, March 22, 2000
"Key in Tech Stocks is to Not Over Pay"

The Vancouver Sun, March 2000
"Small Cap Profit Vindicated"

Stockhouse, February 22, 2000
"Intrinsyc's Embedded Software Has 18 Month Lead"



The Vancouver Sun, November 16, 1998
"Vancouver Firm Set For Shift to Embedded"





The National Post, October 1998
"Intrinsyc Backs Away From Deal With Annasoft"

The Globe & Mail, April 1998
"Intrinsyc Software: $3.38, up $.0.83"

The Globe & Mail, March 1998
"Investor Alert: Intrinsyc Software, Speculative Buy"


BC Business, March 1998
"Swim With the Sharks"








The Globe & Mail, January 3, 1998
"Biggest 1997 Winners on the Canadian Exchanges: Intrinsyc Software, $2.20, up 55%"

Microsoft - Comdex, November 1997
"Intrinsyc Software in the middle of the Microsoft Booth at Comdex 97"

The Globe & Mail, October 23, 1997
"Market Movers: Intrinsyc Software, $1.95, up $0.25"

The National Post, October 1997
"Spotlight Switches to Small Cap Tech Stocks"

Microsoft Embedded Review, September 1997
"Intrinsyc Software: Article by Bruce Forde"

Microsoft Embedded Systems Conference West, September 1997
"Window CE 2.0 Launch: Intrinsyc Software as Embedded Partner"

VSE BCTIA, September 1997
"The VSE and BC's Technology Sector"

Client Server News, June 16, 1997
"Radisys and Intrinsyc Blend Their NT Embedded Control Products"

Client Server News, June 9, 1997
"Intrinsyc Software: Windows CE Gets Embedded Web Server"


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