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Intrinsyc Software - Personal Photo History
Looking back visually


In Beijing with my interpreter during meetings with Chinese handset ODMs discussing potential Soleus licensing deals, after our 3GSM launch event, May 2006












The main entrance to the 3GSM World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain, February 2006

This event had over 50,000 mobile industry executives in attendance (far more than the first GSM World Congress I attended in Madrid in 1994 which was attended by about 2,500 technically oriented executives)









The Intrinsyc team at our booth at 3GSM, February 2006














Our Soleus launch party at 3GSM 2006 was attended by more than 200 industry executives - many of our current and potential OEM/ODM customers and partners were in attendance

























The Intrinsyc team posing in our booth at 3GSM in France, February 2005 - when we first previewed Soleus to a waiting world












Catching up with David Sutcliffe, CEO of Sierra Wireless, at 3GSM 2005

Along with many other local wireless industry executives, including the 2 founders of Sierra Wireless, Norman Toms and Andrew Harries, David and I worked together at MDI/Motorola in the late 1980s (click here for the MDI/Motorola Class of 1989 Annual)








Acting up for Dina Goldstein, a BC Business photographer, in December 2000

It turned out that Dina also shot my 1998 BC Business photo for the article: 'Swimming with the sharks')













Rod Campbell and I sure had fun together in the go-go tech boom days of 2000, including joint interviews with various media outlets - in this case, Canadian Business Magazine in April 2000























Our team at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, CA in September 1999

Click here to watch a video of this event










Our team at the Embedded Systems Conference in Denver, Colorado in May 1999

Click here to watch a video of this event























With Bruce Forde, our VP of Development, we showcased our first reference design for Gillian Shaw of the Vancouver Sun in November 1998











This photo was taken by my Microsoft chauffeur in China on 'The Great Wall' in January 1998 just after meetings with key Chinese OEMs in Taipei, Hong Kong and Beijing, as well as with the President of Microsoft China

A few months before we had met with Steve Balmer and Bill Gates of Microsoft back at a private reception at Comdex in the US







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