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Intrinsyc Software - Product Brochures
Charting 12 years of innovation and evolution while I was involved with Intrinsyc

This is an incomplete product list - but it gives a flavour of the types of products which were developed by Intrinsyc's engineers and software architects, and were purchased by thousands of customers throughout the world, from 1996 until 2008 (including more than 1/2 of the Fortune 100 companies):



Destinator Product Data Sheet











Soleus Product Overview

Soleus Transit Data Sheet

Soleus Technical Specifications

Soleus UI Framework

Our $40M* investment into 'converged device' operating systems

* (as defined by direct R&D spending on Soleus, plus prior related telephony software development, plus proportional NMI acquisition costs, plus corporate overheads)





CerfBoard 270 WinCE Data Sheet

CerfBoard 270 Linux Data Sheet







CerfBoard 270 WinCE with LCD Data Sheet

CerfBoard 270 Linux with LCD Data Sheet

CerfPod 270M Data Sheet








Intel 2700G Data Sheet













J-Integra for .NET Data Sheet












J-Integra for Corba Data Sheet












J-Integra for Exchange Data Sheet












iQuickstart Data Sheet













Mobile BSPs Data Sheet

Mobile QA Data Sheet

Power Management Data Sheet

WinCE BSPs Data Sheet





RIL-MUX Data Sheet

Both the RIL, MUX and uPhone products, along with our historical development of Integration Expert for Window CE, formed the foundations and genesis for our Soleus product









uPhone Data Sheet









Cerfboard IO 250 Data Sheet








CerfComm 250 Data Sheet








CerfCube 405EP Data Sheet








CerfPod 255SE WinCE Data Sheet









Intrinsyc J-Integra for COM Data Sheet

Our most successful licensable software product to date with more than $20M in revenues













Micro CErfboard Brochure

Our first ever reference design that I penciled out in my basement






DeviceCOM OPC Brochure








DeviceCOM Brochure

The product that put Intrinsyc 'on the map' with our eventual deals with Ford and Siemens that helped us raise $20M and acheive a $9 stock price in 2000





Integration Expert for Window CE (IX4CE) Brochure

Both Integration Expert for Windows CE and NT were ground breaking products that helped garner the embedded/mobile world's attention for Intrinsyc - and certainly Microsoft's. These are the embedded 'tool chains' that formed the very foundations of Microsoft's own eventual release of Platform Builder, as well as Intrinsyc's later tool chain powering its Soleus product.








Integration Expert for Windows NT (IX4NT) Brochure











WinFT Brochure








Rainbow RMS Brochure

A visionary and powerful concept product that introduced remote management, software updating, and monitoring of embedded Windows CE devices







Rainbow Brochure

Our embedded web server for Windows CE - the product announcement that generated our first international press coverage, as well as interest from Microsoft










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