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Andrew Atkins Unplugged CD(1986/1998)
Recording Andrew's folk songs in his parent's basement


Andrew and I first met at his wedding to Colleen Cattell in 1983. They were in law school together, along with my wife (today Andrew is an industry entertainment lawyer, as well as inside counsel for Nettwerk Records). After their wedding, we were invited over for dinner at their apartment in Victoria where they cooked us a wonderful dinner and then Andrew played his guitar for us. We talked about music all evening and agreed right then that at some point in the future we would record an album together.

After law school was over, Andrew and I got together in 1986 and rented all of the recording equipment we needed and installed ourselves in the basement of his parents house to spend a full week together making this album below (I played keyboards). It was a lot of fun. When Andrew turned 40 (many years later in 1998) I presented him with 40 CD copies of this remastered album in remembrance of our earlier musical exploits together.


The CD liner:


Audio Tracks*:

Track 1 - If I End Up Singing Blues (1:40 min:sec, 2MB)

Track 2 - Pretty Songs (2:02 min:sec, 2MB)

Track 3 - Maybe Its Time (2:30 min:sec, 2.5MB)

Track 4 - The Bomb (2:52 min:sec, 2.7MB)

Track 5 - Back Alive (2:50 min:sec, 2.7MB)

Track 6 - Bye Bye (2:53 min:sec, 2.7MB)

Bulk ZIP File for download:

Right-click on the link below and select 'save link as' or 'save target as' (browser dependent) to download a ZIP file containing all 6 tracks listed above, as part of a single file that can be uncompressed back into a list of individual tracks that can then be imported into the iTunes media player application on your computer, and burned to CDs, etc. as required (once you unzip the files into a temporary directory, just drag that directory into your iTunes library and they will automatically be imported):

Andrew Atkins Unplugged - 1986 - Apple iTunes AAC files (ZIP file containing all 6 tracks, 14MB)


During 2002-2003 we recorded some of Andrew's new material in my home studio which remained incomplete until 2008 . . . click here to go to Andrew Atkins Redux DVD 2008


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