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PCS Wireless - Brochures and Company Photos(1994-1995)


PCS Wireless Corporate Brochure










PCS Wireless MEX/BEX/RAD Product Sheets










PCS Wireless Customers Case Studies











Some of our trade show promotional buttons . . .



Part of our $ multi-million RAD RF Laboratory













Ralph, Barb, Cheryl and I in Napa Valley in 1994 - ready to board the wine train - the very day we heard from Ericcson's US VP of Sales that they wanted us to quote on $100M of RAD shipments














1995 $11M financing closing dinner - Ralph, Derek, Michael (President of Canaccord), Peter (VP of Sprott)











Kelly Edmison, Don Sheldon, Ralph, and Dave DeWitt enjoying cigars I handed out after dinner











Peter Brown enjoying Ralph's fly fishing rod 'gift' acceptance speech












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