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McGill University - My Fur Lady Musical LP/CD (1957/2006)
Music, Vocals, Acting . . . A National Stage Production


Tom Urban is a member of my YPO forum. His Mother, Mary Bright, went to McGill, and was part of the original My Fur Lady cast. He wanted to present her with a CD version of this LP in 2006 as a surprise gift. I remastered the original LP and transferred it to CD for him.


The CD Liner:


Audio Tracks:

Note: All audio is provided as Apple QuickTime files*

Track 1 (2MB)

Track 2 (1.5MB)

Track 3 (1MB)

Track 4 (2MB)

Track 5 (2.1MB)

Track 6 (3.5MB)

Track 7 (6.5MB)

Track 8 (3.5MB)

Track 9 (2.6MB)

Track 10 (1.3MB)

Track 11 (3.1MB)

Track 12 (2MB)

Track 13 (1.8MB)

Track 14 (2MB)

Track 15 (3MB)

Track 16 (1MB)

Track 17 (1.1MB)

Bulk ZIP File for download:

Right-click on the link below and select 'save link as' or 'save target as' (browser dependent) to download a ZIP file containing all 17 tracks listed above, as part of a single file that can be uncompressed back into a list of individual tracks that can then be imported into the iTunes media player application on your computer, and burned to CDs, etc. as required (once you unzip the files into a temporary directory, just drag that directory into your iTunes library and they will automatically be imported):

McGill U- My Fur Lady LP/CD (1957/2006) - Apple iTunes AAC files (ZIP file containing all 17 tracks, 39MB)


* Audio files are encoded in Apple iTunes/QuickTime AAC format (128kbits/s). If you do not have Apple QuickTime installed, you can download it from:

If you are using a Windows PC running Internet Explorer, and you are having trouble playing web videos that don't conform to Microsoft's Windows Media Player file formats, then try a better browser that is free, standard's based, and very powerful - and one that works well with Apple QuickTime videos: Firefox. Download it here:



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