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Ancient History, Pre-History and Human Evolution
Studying early human development



How did homo-sapiens evolve to its present state? What is our connection to other living things, even to star-dust? What is the ancient story of how we came to migrate and settle in different parts of the world and create vastly differing cultures, world views, religions and technologies? What makes us similar and what makes us different and what can we learn from this knowledge?

How did life start and evolve on Earth? Are there other other life forms extraterrestrially? Where? Can we ever hope to communicate with them?


What are the answers today and expected results tomorrow?


Recent Articles of Interest

Gene study suggests Native Americans came from Siberia - November 27, 2007


My Own DNA Analysis

For my Christmas 2005 present from my wife I received a human genographic project DNA test kit. Click here for the results of my test (my ancestry).


Magazine and Online Resources

In my quest to find answers to these questions I have found the following resources extremely useful:

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