Last updated: February 28, 2024

Mobidia - App Analytics
Part 2 in the life of Mobidia - Mobile App Useage, Retention and Network Analytics


After Mobidia's start in life as a mobile network optimization play, it was a fairly abrupt and agressive pivot into becoming a global leading mobile app analytics provider starting in mid 2010,when we took our handset based app monitoring software components and built them into a new platform by building what became a popular mobile data use tracking app, My Data Manager (click here to watch the 2013 promotional video of MDM), and pairing it with a cloud based reporting and analytics engine and dashboard, that ended up creating a business that had top tier global customers, paying up to $2M/yr for our data reporting service. App Annie acquired Mobidia in 2015 (the DMP technology was not part of the sale and remains an asset of MTI LP which I am the general partner).

Below are some of the mobile app analytics presentation slides that are extracted from this document: Mobidia Corporate Update - November 2014


Here are several more documents from my archives that highlight the development and pitching of our mobile app analytics solution over the period of 2013 to 2015:

Mobidia Corporate Presentation - April 2013

Mobidia for Operators Overview_- September 2014

Mobidia Corporate Presentation - November 2014

Mobidia Overview Barclays Lunch - February 2015

Mobidia App Insights - Q1 2015



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