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Business Community Involvement
Giving back to help grow the BC tech sector


WaveFront (2010-2018)

I joined the WaveFront board of directors in the fall of 2010. Wavefront was a non-profit commercialization centre helping to accelerate the growth of Canada's wireless and new media companies.


WinBC/DigiBC (2009-2010)

I joined the WinBC board of directors prior to its merger with New Media BC and helped with the merger transaction which created DigiBC, The Digitial Media and Wireless Association of BC, in early 2010, at which point I resigned from the merged board. See for more information.


BC Advantage Funds (2004-2008)

I joined the BC Advantage Fund Board of Directors when it was first being launched in 2004-2005 and also sat on its Investment Review Committee. This VCC fund is a leading supporter of the BC tech community via its early stage investments into local companies. After joining Mobidia as its CEO in early 2008, a fund investee, I resigned from the board to avoid a potential conflict of interest. I maintain my position as a mentor to the fund. See for more information.


BC Technology Social Venture Partners (2002-2007)

I was a member and financial supporter of the BC chapter of Social Venture Partners International from 2002 until 2007 and took an active role by joining the grants committee for 2 granting cycles, getting directly involved with 2 different downtown Vancouver eastside community groups (women and children at risk), helping them write and present their request for funding to the grants committee and successfully securing the required funding.

I previously worked with Paul Brainerd, the founder of SVP International as a co-investee in Ecojustice (Sierra Legal - Canada's independent legal champion for a healthy environment - See Personal Community Involvement and Philanthropy for more information) and talked with him about expanding the SVP model internationally - I was happy to see SVP take root in BC. See for more information.


Young Presidents Organization - YPO/WPO (November 2004 onwards)

I was invited to join the BC chapter of YPO in the spring of 2004. This is an excellent resource for CEOs of mid to large sized organizations (minimum 50 employees and US$10 million in revenues) with a worldwide network of almost 10,000 CEOs to connect and share business, family and personal experiences with. See for more information.


Toronto Stock Exchange Industry Advisory Committee (2002-2007)

I was one of the few industry advisors on this committee that represented public company issuers - most of the other members were investment bankers, auditors or securities lawyers. The committee reviewed existing and pending exchange rules for venture listed companies and provides feedback and recommendations to the exchange. See for more information.


Acetech (2002-2007)

I attended the Whistler Acetech (Academy of Technology CEOs) event continuously since 1998 and joined the Board of Directors in 2002. I was the Sponsorship Chair for the last 4 years as well. Acetech has always been a must-attend event for local technology industry CEOs as it is the only program of its type that is put on by CEOs, for CEOs, and allows for mentoring and confidential forum discussions. See or more information.


Vancouver Enterprise Forum (2001-2007)

I joined the VEF Board of Directors in 2001, although I had been a member and presenter starting back in 1997. During my time on the board I arranged and hosted a few events relating to public company/financing subjects and otherwise helped in fund-raising/sponsorships and general governance matters. See for more information.


BC Securities Commission Industry Liaison Committee (2001-2003)

I was asked to join the BCSC industry liaison committee in 2001 in preparation for a proposed major overhaul of the BC Securities Act - to review pending rules and participate in related industry outreach events. See for more information.


BC ScienceWorld Technology Sector Fundraising Committee (2000-2003)

I was asked to help in raising $2.5 million for the construction of the Eureka! Gallery - which was ultimately funded by major gifts from many of us on the committee as well as generous donations for several other technology industry executives and professional service providers (all individual donations). See for more information.


Softworld (2000-2001)

I first engaged in 'giving back' to the BC tech industry via community involvement in the summer of 2000 when Morgan Sturdy asked me to join the Softworld 2001 Board of Directors and also take on the role of the Program Chair. Softworld was a large annual technology conference (approx. 800 attendees) held alternatively in western Canada one year, and eastern Canada the next. For 2000, it was held in Halifax and we liaisoned with the people managing that event while planned for our own event to be held in late September 2001.

With the terrorist attacks in the US on September 11, 2001, our plans were thrown literally out the window as the majority of our international delegates cancelled or could not get visas in time to attend our event, and additionally many of our US speakers cancelled. In the end we managed to host a fairly successful event with about 250 delegates attending.


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