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PCS Wireless - News Releases
A short but intense period of activity and accomplishments

PCS Wireless became a public company on Oct 29, 1993 as a result of the reverse take-over and re-naming of a venture exchange shell company called Golden Trio Minerals. I kept records of most of the news releases from the period of time that I was involved, mainly because I wrote or co-wrote most of them.

For the period of late 1996 until the transformation into Unique Broadband a year or two later, I have no records as I was starting up and running Intrinsyc Software at that time, and I cannot download information from Sedar as public company records were just starting to go online at that point.



PCS Wireless Announces Closing of Strategic Alliance With ADC Telcom - January 2006



Canadian Government Grants National PCS Licenses - December 19, 1995

PCS Wireless Announces Strategic Alliance With ADC Telecom - December 12, 1995

PCS Wireless Announces Agreement With AT&T - September 12, 1995

PCS Wireless Announces Sprint CDMA Cable-TV Based Technology Decision - July 21, 1995

PCS Wireless Announces Cellular Distributed Antenna Array Trial With Northern Telecom - May 26, 1995

PCS Wireless Announces Agreement With Nokia - May 15, 1995

PCS Wireless Announces $8.5 Million Agreement With Ericcson - April 21, 1995

PCS Wireless Announces Further Agreement with Microcell 1-2-1 - March 31, 1995

PCS Wireless Announces Design Agreement With Cadence - March 23, 1995

PCS Wireless Announces $10.8 Million Financing Fully Subscribed For - March 20, 1995

PCS Wireless Announces Manufacturing Agreement With Avex - March 17, 1995

FCC Wireless Auctions End, PCS Wireless Customers Among The Winners - March 14, 1995

PCS Wireless Announces Receipt of Key US RAD Patent - March 10, 1995

PCS Wireless to Provide Motorola With Distributed Antenna Array Equipment For PCS Networks - March 8, 1995

PCS Wireless Announces BoD Change - January 25, 1995

PCS Wireless Announces Receipt of Patent - January 23, 1995



Chinese CT2 Public Service Operator Places Order for PCS Wireless’ Products - December 14, 1994

PCS Wireless Announces Motorola Platform RAD Product Order - December 12, 1994

PCS Wireless Announces Microcell 1-2-1 Order Cancellation Request - December 9, 1994

France Telecom to Expand Field Trials of PCS Wireless DAA Technology - November 9, 1994

PCS Wireless Key Patent Allowed - November 4, 1994

PCS Wireless Customer Forges Alliance - October 31, 1994

PCS Wireless Releases 2nd Quarter 1994 Financials - October 20, 1994

5 Chinese CT2 Public Service Operators Take Delivery of PCS Wireless’ Products - September 21, 1994

PCS Wireless Announces Appointment of Senior Industry Executive to The BoD - July 21, 1994



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