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Intrinsyc Software - Videos of Corporate Events and Rock Music Videos
Trade shows, parties and rock music videos shot on site at our offices

Note: All videos are provided as H.264 MPEG-4 files*


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Colin Minihan - Social Code "Bomb Hands" 2007 (3:11 min:sec, 19MB)

This video was shot on the 4th floor of Intrinsyc's Vancouver HQ offices (with a few shots of the building outside and the elevator as well)


Colin Minihan - Carmen & Camille 2006 (3:28 min:sec, 20MB)

This video was shot also shot on the 4th floor of Intrinsyc's Vancouver HQ offices and in the elevator as well




Intrinsyc Staff Summer Party - August 2000 (1:28 min:sec, 9MB)







Microsoft Embedded Systems Conference - September 1999 (2:15 min:sec, 14MB)







Microsoft Embedded Systems Conference - May 1999 (1:22 min:sec, 8MB)








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