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The Ultimate 83 GTI Summary


Ultimate 83 GTI Specifications Summary

Media coverage on this car: VW Newsroom, Automobile Magazine, Motor Trend Magazine, Classic Cars Journal, CarBuzz, Auto Blog, Yahoo Entertainment, MSN, Motor 1, AutoWeek, Car & Driver Magazine, Classic Cars, Hagerty, Hemmings, Top Gear, The Drive, and many more international web sites. Amazing. Thank you everyone!

A full 125 page PDF document on the car can be found here - for best viewing, download it and display on a wide screen monitor in full screen '2 up' mode.

A video version of this document with a detailed walk-around inspection is available here:

The parts/price list of this project is added an an appendix to the PDF document but can also be found separately here in an easier to read format: VW GTI 2/Ultimate_83_GTI_parts_list.pdf

Holley ECU related software and product descriptions:

My ECU Global Config files:

Kicker IQ1000.5 Amplifier related Apple iOS software: and PC application:

My IQ1000.5 Config file:




Index of Project web pages:

Project Overview, Goals & Specs

The Ultimate 83 GTI Summary

Project Car Initial Condition
Chassis Development
Bodywork & Paint
Suspension, Steering & Braking Systems
Engine, Oiling, Cooling, Transmission & Exhaust Systems

Electrical, A/C & Fuel Systems
Performance Validation
Final Street Trim Conversion

VW Vortex thread on this project

Videos # 001 - 049 (Feb 2013 - May 2014)
Videos # 050 - 099 (Jul 2014 - Sept 2015)
Videos # 100 - 149 (Sept 2015 - May 2017)
Videos # 150 - 181 (May 2017 - Dec 2019)

My original 1983 Rabbit GTI (owned 1983-1987)

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