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Intrinsyc Software - Stock Trading Data
Looking back over the 12 years I was involved with 'ICS' as a public company

Intrinsyc Software started life in the public markets on April 15, 1996 as a junior issuer on the venture exchange and graduated to a senior TSX in January of 2001. During the 12 years of trading while I was involved as its President, CEO, Chairman and Advisor, the Company raised approximately $150 million from the issuance of shares in private placements, special warrant financings, a rights offering, and other public offerings. Below is a list of the trading history statistics which are not fully available from other online sources:

Values stated below are from April 15, 2006 until March 1, 2008 and include equity financings

Total volume of shares traded: >400 million

Total value of all trades: >$600 million (that's right - over 1/2 a billion $ have traded hands over Intrinsyc shares)

The most profitable period to be an investor in the company: Fall 1996 - Spring 2000 [up to 30x as a 'street' investor and over x60 as a participant in the $0.30 plus full warrant summer 1996 private placement]


The second most profitable period to be an investor: Fall 1996 - Spring 1998 [up to 10x as a 'street' investor and over x20 as a participant in the $0.30 plus full warrant summer 1996 private placement]


The next most profitable period to be an investor: Fall 1999 - Spring 2000 [up to 12x]


The next most profitable period to be an investor: fall 2004 to spring 2006 [up to 3x]


But to put things into perspective for many of Intrinsyc's investors who stayed in the stock over the 2001-2005 period, it was losses, not gains that ruled the day. Small consolation was the fact that most technology stocks imploded during that time, seeing average losses in the range of >95% for tech firms.

When I came back to Intrinsyc as its CEO in March of 2003, my first priority was to return the company to profitability in relation to its core business and in the process secure a number of key repeat customers who presented top tier status in the mobile space. With that accomplished by mid 2004 I presented a case to the board of directors for a return towards a focus on software licensing - and to get there the board approved the Soleus feature phone product development and go-to-market operating plan with its associated aggressive investment requirements.


Click here to download a complete April 15, 1996 to December 15, 2007 Intrinsyc software trading data Excel spreadsheet


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