Last updated: February 28, 2024

History of Religion and Culture
Exploring the origins of our belief systems



How and why did our various cultural mythologies and religions develop and what was/is their purpose (and contribution to our societies)? Can we solve our current challenges in regards to radical Islam in the world today (and extreme religious views in general)?

How and when did language, music and art forms evolve? Why?


What are the answers today and expected results tomorrow?


Recent Articles of Interest


Magazine and Online Resources

In my quest to find answers to these questions I have found the following resources extremely useful:

Book Resources

These books, amongst many others that I have read, stand out for me as providing the most concise and readable information relating to the above questions. I am not personally endorsing any of these books in a manner that says I agree with the authors positions on every point that they posit, but I find their dialog invigorating, mind expanding, and refreshing.

In particular, I do not want to insult people of religious faith who may find atheist-oriented subject matter offensive - these books cover important topics from a scientific/logical perspective and highlight many of the important issues surrounding popular belief systems:




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