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Infineon Raceway Formula 2000 Driver Training - April 2007

I completed this first day of driver training, and hope to return later this year and complete another 6 days of training to get my race license and qualify to compete in the Jim Russell Formula 3000 racing series - using cars with full slicks and wings. Even with these lower powered cars running street tires, 2gs of corning grip is available - which is hard on my neck after a few laps:






Chevy S-10 Pro Stock Dragster, Horsepower Heaven Footage - 2001 (4:50 min:sec, 28MB)

Competing in the NHRA Top Comp class at Mission Raceway

This is professional video footage that Larry Pfister of Horsepower Heaven took of our S-10 at the track





Chevy S-10 Pro Stock Dragster - 2001 (4:16 min:sec, 25MB)

Initial footage of track testing and tuning our new S-10 at the track, as well as Don Murray's mean green '56 Vet.

Equipped with a 1340hp 580cid Steve Schmidt pro stock engine, this was a serious vehicle. We ran it with a 2 speed powerglide transmission for ease of maintenance, but if we had matched this 9800rpm engine with a 5 speed manual transmission (which is what these engines were designed for), it would have potentially have been a 6s @ 200mph dragster.



NHRA Top Fuel Action at Pomona, CA - January 2001 (3:14 min:sec, 19MB)

It is impossible to describe just how loud a top fueler really is - even at idle in the pits they are deafening. With 7000+hp these dragsters re-define the term 'power', going from zero to 330mph in 4.5 seconds, pulling 4gs (and -12gs when the chutes come out).

This video includes footage of the huge pit area, pro stock trucks, pro stock cars, top alcohol and top fuel dragsters.

For an article on what's involved in running a nitromethane powered top fueler, click here for the 2001 National Dragster Article 'Feeding a Fueler'.

For a great article comparing all sorts of different high performance vehicles to a top fueler, click here for the June 2000 Road & Track Article '1320 Shootout'.



67 Chevelle SS396, Horsepower Heaven Footage- 1999/2000 (4:18 min:sec, 25MB)

Competing in the Fastest Street Car competition at Mission Raceway

This is professional video footage that Larry Pfister of Horsepower Heaven took of my Chevelle at the track

This car won 'Canada's Fastest Street Legal' title in the Super Street class in 2000, with 1300hp on tap (while passing BC's tough 'Air Care' test as well).



67 Chevelle SS396 Racing and Wrenching Days at the Track - 2000 (3:44 min:sec, 22MB)

With lots of additional footage of other great 'street' cars and bikes racing as well - such as Don Murray's mean green '56 Vet that I sponsored in 2000





67 Chevelle SS396, Initial Fabrication, Tuning, and Testing - April-June 1999 (7:15 min:sec, 42MB)

Check out the wicked street burnouts which literally worn out a set of expensive DOT drag tires in only 20 seconds of total usage - the very first time we had driven the car. The track testing was 'on the motor' only for most of the passes - hence the slower times until the end of the day when we tried a small spray of Nitrous to dip into the 9s.




67 Chevelle SS396 Initial 502cid V8 Engine Dyno Pull - 1998 (1:33 min:sec, 9MB)

At Ron Parr Automotive - this was the mild street version we initially built, which was Nitrous powered up to about 1000hp later in the 1999 racing season, and then rebuilt as a 548cid V8 with 1300hp for the 2000 racing season





94 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo, 414hp - 1995 (6:02 min:sec, 36MB)

A garage 'tour' of the car and its modifications, including the very interesting and high-tech (certainly ahead of its time) fuzzy logic boost controller






87 Ford Mustang 5.0 LX, Club Racing at Westwood - 1988 (20:56 min:sec, 120MB)

In-vehicle footage of the final 'race' at the end of a weekend of driver training






83 VW GTI Autoslalom racing - 1986 (2:19 min:sec, 14MB)

Geoff Yue shot this footage with an 8mm film camera (no sound)







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