Last updated: March 20, 2019

Scientist in Residence Program (Vancouver School District)
Getting Children Hooked on Science

My wife and I are pleased to be able to support this program.

The Scientist in Residence Program brings scientists into Vancouver's public elementary schools to collaborate with teachers and to do science with children. Children are encouraged to question, observe, explore, and discover as they learn about their world with science. Children engage in hands-on science activities and experiment in classrooms and on field trips, often having experiences that are not normally available during the standard school curriculum. Opportunities for students to learn scientific methods, design and carry out experiments, record and analyze data, and discuss results of experiments are central to the program. This program strives to get children 'hooked on science' at a young age.

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Program Founder & Manager: Dr. Paige Axelrood

Program Director: Dr. Val Overgaard, Associate Superintendent, District Learning, Vancouver Board of Education


Video - "IN SESSION: The Scientist In Residence Program"

Running Time: 12 minutes


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