Last updated: May 24, 2018

Mobidia - History and Overview
The story


Nature of the business

There were 2 halves to Mobidia's business: a mobile network optimization solution called DMP (dynamic multimedia prototol); and a mobile analytics platform that collected data in the cloud from millions of 'My Data Manager' apps running on millions of Android and Apple iOS smartphones and tablets around the world. DMP was positioned to be sold and deployed by network operators to help them improve network speeds and increase capacity, while the mobile analytics data feeds were sold as subscription services to financial services firms, network operators, app developers and content providers. In 2015 Mobidia's analytics business was sold to App Annie. DMP continues to be marketed separately under a new corporate entity, DMP Holdings.


Starting off by Focusing on Mobile Network Optimization

Mobidia was founded in 2006 - with the first VCs writing funding cheques in December of that year. The pitch was simple enough: harness the power of smartphones to improve network performance and mobile app analytics. I liked this story because it was derivative to my efforts at Intrinsyc to build software that underpinned smartphone platforms and I understood that smartphone could become an important element in the mobile analytics and opimization market.


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Here is a link to a copy of the old Mobidia web site that App Annie hosted shortly after our acquisition.


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