Last updated: October 22, 2019

Project "Ultimate 1983 Rabbit GTI"
For Sale - the car and related components and tools

Last Update: Oct 22, 2019


Project parts/price list here

Spec sheet on the car coming soon



256mm 10.1" EBC USR 478 Slotted Sport Brake Rotors, made in the UK - US$79

Timing Belt 048109119G ABF 151x25mm - US49:

Wizards of Nitrous Quadranoid X-10 solenoid plus accessories - US$149:

Top Door Moulding Right, p/n 171 867 220 - US$40:

Rear Quarter WindowRubber Seals (pair) Golf Rabbit Jetta MK1 2DR - US$60:

Driver & passenger inner/outter rollup window scrapers w/o chrome strips p/n 251 837 703/704 (cut to length, complete set of 4) - US$40:

Felt Window Guide/Seal/Rollup mitered window channels, p/n 171 837 439D (pair) - US$29:

Timing Belt Cover, p/n 048 10 9175A- US$39:

Mk3 Head Gasket - US$34:



Dial gauge set :

INNOVA 3612 Compression Tester - C$15:

Powerhouse Products Pro Piston Knocker - C$25:

ARP Piston Ring Compressor 83.5mm Bore - US$29:

27mm Allen Key - US$29:




Strut Mounts (pair) Febi Bilstein 171 412 329A SOLD

Mk1 Heater Core SOLD

Combustible gas detector: SOLD

A/C refrigerant gas detector: SOLD

Assorted Automotive Grade wire 10/12/14AWG Red/Black/White: SOLD

20lb Nitrous Oxide Bottle w/High Flow Valve, CFN-113 SOLD

5LB Nitrous Oxide Bottle with high flow valve, SS brackets, blow port  SOLD

Proform 66835 Mini Valve Spring Tester Range 0- 300 LBS SOLD

Meyle Manual Steering R&P SOLD

1100lbs Engine Support Bar / Load Leveler w/Dual Hook SOLD

EZ Car Lift, moving casters, custom drive-on ramps SOLD

Waistline 6 Piece Trim Set Black Anodised, Mk1 3DR Euro cars, p/n 171 898 113/B SOLD

Midnight Blue Seat Fabric SOLD

Matching headliner material, 5'x6' SOLD

Manual Steering R&P gearse SOLD

H&R race springs SOLD

3mm and 10mm wheel spacers SOLD

Ground Control coil-over adapters SOLD

Tech-53 16V timing sprocket SOLD

Mastercool Brake Flare Tool SOLD

Piston Ring Expander Pliers SOLD

Summit Racing AN Braided Stainless Steel Hose Cutter SOLD

Koul Tools 468 Braided Hose Installation Tool SOLD

INNOVA 5568 Pro-Timing Light with Tool Case - Digital Pro SOLD

Valve spring compressor SOLD

SCCH VW MK 1 Spherical Shifter SOLD

USRT/4Crawler shifter kit items SOLD

Brake Master Cylinder 22.2mm, 1H1611019B, Meyle 1006110048 SOLD

2 Bilstein F4-V36-0059-H Rally Race Front Struts SOLD

2 Bilstein 24-006576 Motorsport Rear Shocks SOLD

OTC6502 Brake line flaring kit SOLD

OTC5609 cylinder leakdown tester SOLD



Index of Project web pages

Project overview, goals & initial design specs
Items for Sale
Project car initial condition
Chassis development
Bodywork & paint
Suspension, wheels, tires & braking system
Engine & transmission

Electrical & fuel system
Performance validation
Final street trim conversion
VW Vortex thread on this project
My original 1983 Rabbit GTI (owned 1983-1987)




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